Friday, September 28, 2012

Medical Diagnosis...

In my family, we refer to my mom as Mountain Woman, Medicine Woman. You know kind of like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. And not only does my immediate family refer to her this way, but some of my cousins do as well. Why? Well, she or my dad can generally give a pretty acurate diagnosis of any ailment we come up with and if she's not sure she'll refer us to a physician. I was even at their house once when one of my favorite cousins stopped by for other reasons but before leaving asked our Mountain Medicine Woman what a big rashy patch was on his leg. Yep, she's good and doesn't bill! LOL

It only made sense that the apple wouldn't fall far from the tree, so to speak. And I'm that apple. One of my first correct official diagnosis happened just the other day. My sweet husband came home from work with a terrible tummy ache and the accompanying symptoms(eew). He couldn't figure out what was wrong. Knowing he didn't have a temperature and without even asking a question, I said, "It's something you ate."(Bingo! Someone send me a co-pay!) He seriously wasn't sure that was the problem. That is until I asked what he had for lunch. His reply was, "A burrito... and a eggroll... from a gas station... heated up in a microwave." ahahaha!

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