Are you wondering where in the world the name TheSmellyArmpit was derived and what is this stinkin' site all about? :) It's all about keeping the stank down to a minimum in your home, health, and heart! It's about trying to help make your life a little easier. It's about a good laugh, maybe a tear(just every once in a while), and it's about love.

I started a blog awhile ago about my family to be able to share with my friends and family near and far about how my kids are growing and changing. Then I got freaked out about online stalkers and decided after building a following of 1500 that I would that blog to be private and start up this new and shiney blog TheSmellyArmpit to highlight products, post articles from myself and others to help readers, to talk about my relationship with Christ and how He has changed me and loved me despite myself, and to hopefully give people a good laugh every once in a while.

Thanks so much for visiting!

TheSmellyArmpit is a family friendly product review and giveaway site aimed at helping your life be a little less stinky whether that be showcasing products for your home, health, or heart!

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