Saturday, November 2, 2013

Things Toddlers Say

My 3 year old has successfully mastered potty training!  There are a couple accidents here and there but nothing that a normal little 3 year old might have.  So many conversations in our home(or car or unfortunately public outings) have centered around potties, or poopoo, or peepee, or farting.  These are just a couple excerpts from conversations lately.

The other day, she exclaimed, “I farted in my panties!”

My son told me a joke tonight…
Son :  Knock, knock.
Me:  Who’s there?
Son :  Bannana Peel.

Me:  Bannana Peel who?
Son :  Orange fart a poopoo.  (and then he laughed hysterically so it made me laugh)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Topic - Farting

On the drive back from Old Navy today, the long long drive back.  My son talked about Canyon Farts.  You don’t know either?  Well, he tried to explain these phenomenon’s but between the air conditioning kicking in occasionally and the fact that his seat is at the back of the bus I must have missed some key elements regarding his creative idea of Canyon Farts. 

Then we discussed why we don’t need to speak about farting in public.  Why?  Well, while we were at Old Navy in the dressing room.  He was trying on khaki’s for his new school uniform and keep exclaiming he had to step into his fart and try on a fart.  Then his little brother would try to swing open the wide door while big brother exclaimed something about farting.

 So why we can talk about farting at home but not in public was a confusing topic for my little boy.  “Why?” he asked perplexed several times.  I replied that some people might be offended by the topic.  “But Mommy, you think it’s funny.” 
Ok, I couldn’t deny it, “Yes, I do.”  “Why?” he asked again.  And here is a round about way of how I responded, “Well, it’s just funny that your body can make funny sounds and that it smells.”  Then I discussed why it’s always funnier to be the farter and other people be made to smell it. 
This led me to the discussion of “smelt it, dealt it” and different names and explanations of farts like “silent but deadly” “cut the cheese” “poot”  “make a stinky”.  Well, you smell the picture.  Our conversation wrapped up towards the end of the 20+ minute drive with me explaining that farts can actually be lit they can be lit after my innocent little child asked if farts could burn.  Sigh…  farts and burning something in the same sentence and he’s only 5?  This parenting thing is going to be a fun and wild ride! LOL