Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Diet

Ok people I'm into day 8 of the diet...  have completely cut out sodas(except for the secret sips of my husband's coke that I sneak every once and a while...  shhh don't tell!),  carb free at dinner, still need to start up excercising again but all in due time.  I've decided to start writing down my calories for my 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.  It's really made a difference in how much I allow myself to eat.  It has also helped me realize what triggers my emotional eating habits which is mainly when all 3 kids are needing attention at once or when one is crying really bad for whatever reason.

Here's stats for the last several days...  (BR=breakfast, SN=snack, LN=lunch, DN=dinner)

10/19 - 1670cal
BR  240
SN  320
LN  290
SN ? 3 spoon fulls of cookie dough and 3 cookies (probably 600 cal)
DN  220

10/20 - 1240cal
BR  250
SN  110
LN  290
SN  140
DN  320
after exercise protein bar  130

10/21 - 1390cal
BR  140
SN  210
LN  320
cookie  100
SN  210
DN  250
cookie 100
10 grapes - 60 *guessing since 1/2cup has 60cal

10/22 - 1310cal
BR  345
SN  245
LN  290
SN  210
DN  220

10/23 - 1150cal
BR  220
SN  140
LN  300
SN  290
DN  200

Now it's the 24th and so far after lunch I'm up to 820 calories.  This morning when I weighed in I was at 137 (maybe lower but my scales not completely accurate.  So that means I might have lost 2.8 pounds so far.  I'm excited about that but maybe a lot of it is water weight since I'm not consuming so much salt now.  Still I've probably lost a pound at least. My caloric intake has decreased so much and my carbs have also.  Ok...except on cookie making days but this gal has to live a little people!

I'm excited that my belly flap is already deflating even if just a little.  I would like to someday wear jeans again that aren't low low rise just to accommodate that extra belly skin and paunch.  My lofty goals! LOL 

More updates soon.  I'd definitely say that MyFitFoods has been worth it for me just to regain control of my portions and to help me realize how many times a day I was eating etc.  Also keeping a simple food log has helped as well and cutting out carbs after my second snack of the day.  woot woot!  I'm feeling good!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Things Toddlers Say

Tonight at dinner, my  little girl was eating some elbow pasta and said, "Where'd my noodles go?"  I said, "I don't know."  She said, "In my belly having a party!!!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Been a While...

Can't believe I haven't posted in soooo long!  It's been a busy several weeks around our house and now that things are calming down a bit...  I've started a diet.  Today.  And I'm starving.  Ok, not really starving.  I just am not shoving food every second of the day and am praying for God to help me with self-control every second of the day. 

So I decided to start posting about my weight loss journey.  This morning I weighed 139.8 pounds.  Sometimes I get a little winded walking up stairs but nothing like last year this time when I weighed around 155 pounds.  Slow and steady progress is working.  But now I'm in the home stretch.  I'm wanting to lose between 15 and 20 pounds and be back to my pre-baby factory weight.  My tummy skin and muscles will never be the same (as my ob/gyn remarked after my second baby).  But at least if my belly could not look as preggo as it has since baby #3 I feel a great confidence booster.

So let's see where the MyFitFoods plan gets me.  Lost 3-4 pounds over 2 weeks when I tried out the meal plan this past spring and have kept that off wahooo!  Now I'm going to try for 8-10 weeks and see what happens.  :)