Friday, September 21, 2012

Things Toddlers Say

This is a series of posts of funny things my kids have said reposted from my other now private blog. I just think they are so cute I couldn't help myself but to post them all over again! Check back every Friday for more Things Toddlers Say!

A conversation about age with MageeBoy last fall...

MageeBoy: I three.

MageeMommy: Yes! You are three!

MageeBoy: Sister is two.

MageeMommy: Well, no, sister is just one.

MageeBoy: Mr. Octapus is four.

MageeMommy: OH! Wow! I didn't know he was that old already(we've only have our second fish less than a month).

MageeBoy: Mommy is 27.

Oh, he's so smart. LOL

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