Friday, September 7, 2012

Things Toddlers Say

This is a series of posts of funny things my kids have said reposted from my other now private blog. I just think they are so cute I couldn't help myself but to post them all over again! Check back every Friday for more Things Toddlers Say!

Lately, MageeBoy and MageePrincess are saying funnier and funnier things. MageeBoy has been saying "Seriously?" a bunch and while I was putting his sister in her crib for a nap this morning he stated, "She's had a hard day."

MageePrincess has learned lots of new words like caaooow (cow) and is still saying, "Doats Daaa?" (what's that) while pointing at various things like the ceiling or a wall. It's hard to decide what exactly it is she's trying to learn about and sometimes I employ my baby translator(MageeBoy) to tell me what it is she's looking at. Also as of late, her favorite word is MeeMeeeeee. This could mean a number of things: pick me up, I want what he has, I want something out of reach.

It's fun trying to decipher what she is trying to tell us and listening to my little boy expand his vocabulary and language skills. :)

What funny things have you heard little ones say lately?

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