Monday, October 1, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

With the little kids around here sharing germs like baseball trading cards, this time of year is a great time for cleaning cleaning cleaning those toys! Or getting a giant bubble for your child to live in. LOL So today's Mommy Tip Mondays post is from none other than MageeMommy the owner of, that's just funny to read). After being 24hours+ without a fever, it's time to tackle cleaning up the toys!

But how to clean all those pesky tiny millions of plastic toys without spending all day wiping each one individually?

A toy bath! That's how!

Ingredients - water, cleaning agent, toys, stir, rinse, rinse again, and rinse one more time just to feel safer, and drain. Viola! Oh, plus, having a toddler at preschool and one taking a nap so I didn't have to worry about anyone getting hurt helps too! Be sure to keep your kids far far away from the bathroom while doing this!

Do you have a tip that would help others out? Anything from finance, to travel, to housecleaning, organizing, car maintenance, etc??? I'd love to feature you and your idea here! Just email at MageeMommy at gmail dot com. :)

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