Monday, September 24, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

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Today, I will be offering some sick baby advice.

Last year, some unfriendly viruses were hanging around our house. Well, maybe they are friendly as they want to be close to everyone, especially our little ones around here. Unfortunately, that included my little boy. :( After church one day, we realized he had 103deg temperature! YIKES!

So my tip for today has to do with keeping medicine handy. I'm so thankful that my husband had stocked up recently on fever medicine for babies and toddlers. So we didn't have to waste time going to the store for more.

That's tip #1 Always make sure you have medicine on hand regardless of your kids being sick or not already.

Tip #2 Make sure the medicine isn't past the expiration date or hasn't been recalled.

Tip #3 When in doubt, call your doctor! If he has a 100deg temperature, sometimes I've called the doctor. We live in the world's best country for medical care, take advantage of it!!!

Tip #4 Give that baby fluids(we called the pedialyte “koolaid” to get him to drink it this afternoon) and give him cuddles. It's no fun to feel sick!

Hope that everyone in your families are well! Any extra advice for sickly kiddos? Let us know in the comments below.

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