Saturday, September 15, 2012


Oh yea people! Momma got to go on a date! Our sweet babysitter came over to take care of the kids and we skidded out of the parking lot like teenagers. Well, it was rainy, but we were excited about getting to spend time together without anyone else. :)

Let me tell ya what... I'm spoiled. Really really spoiled. We checked on the progress of the house. Shopped at a furniture store. And then....... Dinner at a Brazillian steakhouse. DELICIOUS! But the most adventurous part of our Friday night happened at the gas station that we picked up some cokes at before heading to check the house.

I. bought. lotto tickets. Yep. Me, the ultimate nerd and somewhat lover of statistics. I know the odds are worse with the lotto than slot machines and getting struke by lightning. But I was about to start drinking(Dr. Pepper) and felt like taking a dangerous risk - $4 worth. You know what, we didn't win. Not surprised?

I AM! Yes, isn't it silly? I did purchase two scratchoff's with that $4 and initially scratched the part with what money is won - $19(big league people). I already had it all spent in one place before even revealing the very first square of the rigged tic tac toe game. Then after the climax of scratching like a cat at a tree with a bird in it and revealing that none of my 9's were in a row like the rules. I felt sad. Let down. Desperate to know how I could raise the $19 dollars for my covetingdesires. Oh, alas, evil lotto how you raise my hopes and dreams only to dash them to the ground with your Lucky 9's scratch off tickets... come to think of it, silly me, whose ever heard of number 9 being lucky. Better luck next time.

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