Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a Rental... Whew!

If people could handle really gross commercials, I'd have a great idea for Fabreeze... Scene: Mom and Dad sleeping in a little late as the kids play in the room with them on the floor with different toys. Zoom in on older two kids playing together sweetly and then zoom on baby crawling down hall to bedroom. Now pan to diaper mysteriously in hallway. Back to mom and dad snoozing then waking making disgusting facial expressions. Mom says, "Eew. I've got to change that." Then mom sits up to smiling, giggling adorable baby that is standing while holding the bed. At this point pan to mom's face scrunched and grossed out as she realizes the cute baby is covered from the booty down in poo and standing in a pile of it. Gasp, Gag! "Honey! I'm going to need some help!!!" Dad hops out of bed whisks the baby to the bathroom while corraling the other kids away from the poo and into the bath too. End scene with all the poo picked up and mom happily cleaning the remaining stain out of the carpet. Or maybe end scene with laughing baby farting in the tub. Either way, that's how we started our Sunday this past weekend(minus the farting in the tub). Never a dull minute around here folks! :) P.S. Fart. Just had to type that again, there's just something funny about hearing the word in my head.

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