Monday, September 3, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

Today's tip comes from none other than MOI, the owner editor/owner of this blog! I hardly have time to get everything done around the house and pampering moi is last on my list. So a while back my superhero husband watched the kids so I could have “spa time” and learned something invaluable. Pedicures are not as pretty 6 or 7 weeks afterwards. When it's time to remove that flaking, grown out polish, sometimes it doesn't want to come off. That's what occurred during my spa time(ok getting to lock myself in the bathroom for a shower without being bothered).

Anyway, my nonacetone laquer remover wasn't working on the industrial strength nail salon polish. So I thought, Well, I'll just have to paint over it because it was looking icky. Then I messed that up and decided to wipe it off. GUESS WHAT? And here's the tip... if your nail polish remover isn't working, swipe some more polish over the old and then wipe it off with a cotton ball. For some reason the wet new polish took off a lot of the old crusty polish with it! wahooo! How handy was that. It didn't remove the old polish 100% but enough that it doesn't show through with this new coat I put on. So I had pretty feet in sandals for Easter this year and didn't scare anyone with flakey ol' polish.


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