Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Airing It Out...

Oh, the black doggie* stinks. Like wet dog been puking up rotten milk stank. Any other mommies remember or going through the toddler daily spillage in the backseat drives? Or ever see in your rearview mirror a small adorable little child emptied out on purpose accidentally dropping a complete bag of cheesy poofs on the floorboard and then scream out a tantrum about said cheesy poofs while pouring their grape slushie over the snack and in the process making some sort of scientific research project that would make a sewage treatment cleaner gag? I'm thinking my next mom-mobile needs to be made entirely of visqueen with a drain hole in the center for when I go through the carwash with the windows down... plus, how handy would it be to get everyone's bath taken care of at the same time. Brilliant!

*PS Black Doggie is my nickname for the suburban which is named after a Patrick Swayze.(RIP Jack Crews) Woof Woof

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