Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toddler Blight

Monday was a beautiful day here. So sunny and bright and warm that we planted our little seedlings!

Only there seems to be some sort of problem ... looks like we have Toddler Blight.

Oh you haven't heard of this destructive "disease" that can damage and ultimately ruin the chance of a bountiful harvest? There were signs that our yard might contain such a pathogen when the sod was being removed to make way for a little urban farm plot. Yep, dirt mysteriously was flying everywhere mixed with giggles whirling in the air. After the grass was completely gone, I thought bringing in bags of fresh dirt and peat moss could improve the soil quality. Only to find that lots of this dirt picked itself up and moved to various parts of the yard... even on my oldest son's head and my own... again those giggles filled the air and we all couldn't help ourselves from laughing. Sure enough though, when the plants were planted, the toddler blight really reared it's adorable head and tiny vegetation were stomped, picked out of the ground, and buried deeper than the recommended amount.

Really, I don't mind this part of gardening during this time in my family's life and love my little toddler farmer! I love that he wants to help. That he is hilarious to watch laugh and smile with dirt flying in the air. That he tried to help put plant way under the dirt. I couldn't ask for anything better to happen for my garden. :)

Anyone else have a small farmer working in your garden this year???

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