Monday, February 18, 2013

Mommy Tips Monday

Today's tip comes from none other than moi - MageeMommy. The owner of this here lil' blog. I've got 3 kids 4-1/2 and younger and hope to give you tips that help make your life a little less stinky - whether that means for you home, health, or heart. :)

So what tip can I give ya? If you have kiddos that are still in diapers, consider keeping some plastic grocery bags in your glovebox of your vehicle. Why? Well, there's so many uses and it's recycling at it's stinkiest! I've kept them in the car for diaper changes. Not just the peepee ones. We can all stand to just wrap these into themselves and search out garbage cans on the outside of fast food joints or big box retailers. I'm talking about the oh-my-eeeeew-I-hope-I-have-enough-wipes diapers. You can't just leave them wrapped into themselves because they just don't.

And it is sooo very handy to have a plastic grocery bag to toss these stinkies into. Oh, and what about when there is a blow out... You know when the diaper has a malfunction and now the baby's clothes have joined in the fun. A plastic grocery bag is PERFECT for making sure you aren't tempted to throw out a perfectly good, albeit dirty, outfit before you can run home and put it in the washing machine(with loads of spray and wash).

Lastly, I like to use plastic grocery bags in the vehicle to pick up random trash. I've got toddlers. Enough said? No, well, along with toddlers come packaging for kids meal toys, small snacks littering the bottom of the vehicle, grass/dirt/dried up weeds flowers, etc. It's so handy to have something to collect all the litter with and throw away quickly.

How do you reuse plastic grocery bags???

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