Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aquarium, AaaaquarEEEEum

Lately, we've been discussing fish a WHOLE lot. Daddy is very interested in getting a salt-water aquarium soon. So my little boy has asked literally every day for about a week or more, "Are we going to get a fish now?" Saltwater aquarium's take a lot of work and study - especially if you venture into live coral. Whew! But I think the benefits outweigh the time and patience it's going to take for Daddy to setup and run this home aquarium. (Notice, I said Daddy will be taking care of this.) I'm also thinking of charging neighborhood kids a dollar to come to TheSmellyArmpit's Home Aquarium. I'm not sure if I'll need a permit but am going to risk it to offset the cost.

And with that thought, I'm labeling this post under Budgeting. LOL

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cbright123 said...

Have you been to the downtown aquarium yet? It's great!!! And be sure to ride the train through the shark tank. That's the coolest part, even though it costs extra. And if you go, then get the coupon from being a VIP (free cost) program member at the Premium Outlet Mall over in Tomball (Hwy. 290). You sign up online and they not only give you mall discounts, but also discounts to various activities downtown, like the aquarium!!!