Monday, March 4, 2013

Mommy Tips Monday

Today's Mommy Tip comes from none other than Moi - MageeMommy! :) I'm the owner and editor of this here blog and I'm hoping to bring tips, laughs, and happiness to help your life be a little less stinky for your home, health, and heart!


Lately, we've been watching way too much TV time. I realized it when my little 4 year old asked me for video time this morning before breakfast, before morning hugs, before really being completely awake. So how to curb this growing addiction? Institute the idea of earning TV time.

My mom used this philosophy long long ago. In the summer we could earn TV time by reading. For every hour or half hour we read, we could watch a half hour or hour of TV. Since my kids are too young to read, they are earning TV time by cleaning up the playroom. That has taken care of two things, they are now interested in playing with their billions of toys that otherwise were sitting dormant and the playroom is getting cleaned up!

Do you have any tips for getting toys cleaned up or a TV addiction curbed?

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