Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flying Time...

I'm not sure where the time goes but am pretty sure it's somewhere between at the very least one load of dishes a day(that's not counting the paperplates we always use at lunch), beating the laundry monster back in its room, changing someone's bedsheet every day due to peepee or cracker crumbs or whatever, cleaning the car to keep the hoard to a minimum once a week, sweeping and vaccuming and having the robot vaccume, taking out trash, changing diapers, cleaning underwear, making beds(which my kids are learning about!), fixing up garden plot, cleaning fishtank, grocery shopping, did I mention changing diapers, washing faces and hands, dressing, undressing, bathing babies, redressing, and I can't even think of what else... Oh, yea, cleaning out and organizing the master bedroom closet, sending off warranty cards for appliances and electronics, finding out about homestead exemptions, paying bills, and somewhere in there finding time with my honey to watch Person of Interest and other TV shows. Hmmmm, no wonder I'm worn out! I need a vacation... oh wait, no that would be too much work! How about a staycation?! LOL Tomorrow it is! Staycation here I come!

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