Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What You Never Knew You Needed when Preparing for Baby

"What You Never Knew You Needed when Preparing for Baby" is the title for the MomTalk radio segment that I've been invited to participate in on February 21st! Wahooo! Not heard of MomTalk radio( Well, let me tell ya about the very first nationally syndicated radio show just for moms... It was founded by Maria Baily who launched Mom Talk Radio in 2001. And if being a mom and launching this talk radio show isn't enough she also created BSM Media and its media properties,, Mom Talk Radio, and Additionally she is a founding partner in and Whewwww! I'm tired just reading all that! Where in the world does she find the time or energy!

Ok, so MomTalk radio is where I'll be on February 21st getting recorded and the show will air on the following Sunday following taping at 8pm EST and can also be found on So what would I say on the show and hopefully help some new mommies out there? I guess one of the most important things I never knew I needed before having my first little baby was how many onsies that a little baby needed. Or how many wipes and diapers that my sweet little ones could go through in a day - well, in an hour, or even ONE diaper change! LOL I know there were many times I would be changing a diaper and almost get the clean one on and a fountain would occur so clean up after that and then sometimes the tab would break on the next diaper. So what should have just taken one diaper would have taken three! Or how about the rookie mistake of changing a diaper immediately seeing that "I've got a special gift I'm making you" face from your precious angel. Then to your overtired horror in the middle of the change, getting poo'd on and having to change a second diaper during a poopy diaper change. And don't even get me started about the infamous(at least in our house) 3am poo fountains! So I guess I knew our babies would need onsies, diapers, and wipes but just had no clue how many!

Something else I had NO clue about was Mylicon. OH, you haven't heard of the miracle gas-away drops??? When we had our first little baby, he cried from the time we brought him home and for several nights straight. Let's face it, we all cried. I might have even seen my husband tear up a little; oh, we were so tired. Then about a week after he was born, my husband went back to work and a fellow employee gave him the tip. He brought home some mylicon from the store and I've been a believer ever since!!!!!! He even went to Walgreens the first night in the hospital with our second baby to help sooth her (much to one of the nurses chagrin but WHATEVER!). So something you definitely can use that I had no clue about with our new baby was these gas away drops! BRILLIANT!!!

How about you? Is there something that you wish someone would have told you about before bringing home your first baby? Please comment below and help some mommies out! :)

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