Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where Has the Time Gone?!

Ohhh I've got to start publishing again on here. People need to know TheSmellyArmpit's tips for making their homes, health, and hearts a little less stinky. :) One great way to help your budgets, and therefore you home, is by couponing! I'm loving the website mylitter.com. Over the weekend I went through my coupon binder with the coupon matchups from this website. Tonight I finally had an hour to spare to make the big trip to the store and stocked up on things we love to snack on like Pringles and Goldfish crackers. :) How much did I spend on these??? Well, the pringles are usually $1.50 at Kroger but I with coupons and the Mega Event(buy 10 participating items and get $5 off) the pringles were $0.75each. Goldfish... ohhh those tiny snack crackers that my kids can eat by the ton. These are regularly $1.99each and with the Mega Event plus sale price, I paid $0.79each! Oh, yea! Total amount spent $87.69. Total coupon and sale savings $60.14 which comes out to be 41%!!! Yipppeeee!

Ok, so now you are saying to yourself, "Yea, right. Who has time to sit around and clip and organize coupons for 30 hours each day." NOT ME! I've got 3 kids 4-1/2 and younger. I've got a house to clean. I've got receipts to organize for this past year tax returns. I've got a bedskirt I've been trying to sew for 3 weeks now. Ok, you get to the picture. I don't have time to clip coupons.

But... I do have to time to

1. Use a giant three ring binder and a 3 hole punch to put coupon packs in the binder.
2. Use seperators between coupon packs from the Sunday paper and label the seperators with the paper date that the coupon packs came from.
3. Look up coupon matches on sites like mylitter.com . They usually will list the date the coupons were in the paper with the publisher like RP for Red Plum or SS for Smart Source. Now just get out your handy coupon binder, flip through to the appropriate date, pick the coupon pack for either Red Plum or Smart Source, flip through until you find the coupon your looking up and clip!

TAH DAH! Easy as 1-2-3!!!

Hope this information is helpful and you're on your way to saving more money in the new year!!!

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