Friday, January 11, 2013

Food Diary - January 11, 2013

Breakfast - Fried egg, two pieces of toast with butter and cherry(oh so yummy) jellie, one orange

Snack - don't remember. I don't think I had a snack but a glass of milk

Lunch - ham and cheese sandwich with only one slice of bread but lots of meat, 1/2 cup cranberries, a spoon full of olives(YUM!)

Snack - 200 calorie pack of fudge striped cookies and a pecan sandie cookie... uh oh my tummy is starting to growl and it's 1:30am...

Dinner - DATE WITH MY MAN! So really should this count? Ok, good. I didn't think so either. Let's just skip this whole part, shall we? NO? Oh, bloggysphere you are such a good accountability partner... So for dinner I chose the pork tenderloin and the chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream... WORTH. EVERY. CALORIE. Which reminds me. I got my dessert after the concert had started and ate a couple bites and then would turn back around to listen to Aaron Tippin sing and then turn around again between songs and take a bunch of bites and then finally he said something about it was ok for me to hurry up and eat my dessert while he was singing because otherwise my ice cream was going to melt. LOL WOW! First off this country music legend was down-to-earth enough to speak directly to this fan and secondly, yep, that's how close I was to the stage! WOW! He even said something about handing my dessert to him to finish it. Obvious, I'm a complete stranger to this person because anyone that knows me knows not to even joke about messing with my chocolate.

Snack - Hmmm... You know what? I haven't had my after dinner snack and was so excited at the concert (and nervous at sitting so upclose) that I only finished off the salad, one piece of pork tenderloin(that was cooked perfectly), and oh yes the entire chocolate dessert. BUT I did restrain myself and not lick the plate clean. WOW this food diary is really paying off. Think of all the calories I saved by not cleaning the plate entirely! And with that, I deserve a snack! Mmmm rice cake here I come! hahaha

Night all!

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