Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Real Food Experiment

Ok, Melanie over at her new blog... Real Food Experiment issued a challenge. Well, not really a challenge, but it feels like one to me! See she is switching from junk food to real food this year and her family is along for the ride. I'm going to see how far her coat-tails take me and the first stop is the “health inventory" she asked her readers to take.

So here's mine...

My current exercise habits:

I don’t exercise... sigh. BUT I'm going to have to start this week so I can join my sister in a 5k in 3 months. Even if I have to walk the whole thing I don't care! I will finish it!!!!

My current eating habits:

1-2 cups or extra large Dr. Peppers or sprites or some other sugary drink daily

8-32 oz water per day

Breakfast daily - bread item(or cereal), fruit, and most days a protein

Morning snack - probaby lasts between breakfast and lunch haha processed foods

Lunch - deli meat, crackers or chips, cookies, dried fruits, occassionally carrots/broccoli/califlower etc

Afternoon snack - cookies cookies and more cookies - hmmm I'm seeing a problem here

Dinner - eating fast food 3-4 times a week eek! it's hard seeing that written out or a healthy meal with a starch, protein, and veggies

Afterdinner snack - ok this is where I lose it and could probably drop 10 pounds in 4 or 5 weeks just changing this... I usually eat a least one bowl of cereal, or half a bag of chocolate chips, or a half a bag of chips, last night it was chocolate and carmel covered popcorn... sighhhh! It's like I can't help myself.

Right now (January 2013), I am experiencing the following, and am hoping my change in what I eat and starting to go back to the YMCA will change the below:

Energy levels are up and down and all over the place

Headaches if I don't get my daily caffeine fix

Complection looking worse than usual

Belly flab overhang so my jeans don't fit. Also such a big belly I've been asked how far along I am one too many times lately. lol

Oh, yes, and my face looks a bit puffy too.(especially around my eyes)

So after sweet baby #3 was born and after gaining well over 50 pounds with him(I stopped looking at the scale at the end of the pregnancy), I think it's time to get my body back! I'd like to find out shirts don't fit because they're too tight over my chest verses too tight over my big ol' belly! haha And I'd like to start being more concience of how my eating and excercise habits will shape my health in the decades to come in my life especially with family members with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, you name it someone in my family's got it. I'd like to be around and up and moving for my grandbabies someday!

Stay tuned for this little experiment and hop on over to the Real Food Experiment to join in on the fun! Next up on the list... MEAL PLANNING!!! woot woot!

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