Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Blurr

I don't know what has happened here lately. I feel like I'm in some hyperspeed timewarp. Is it because I'm living in my dream home, my children are happy and safe, my husband loves me tirelessly? Maybe. It is because I'm finally being still in the backyard watching my daughter twirl to the music in her head while the windchimes knock together in a faraway place? That's probably when I notice it in the least - the grains rushing through the hourglass. My husband and I holding hands, and I notice the wrinkles and spots and veins becoming more pronounced. Whispers from yesterday reminding me of a different place and giggles of my little baby reminding me of today. Such a span of distance, I have come and hopefully many more miles to go. I hope to always be continually thankful for what I have been given, where I came from, how God has moved through my life and weaved His tapestry of the minutes, hours, and days I've lived. I'm thankful for His mercies that are new each morning. That when at the end of the day, my emotions and body are spent but know full well that never has He and never will He forsake me or leave me. I'm thankful for the promise of eternity with Him in His glory that will not be bound by time. I'm thankful for my savoir and God - Jesus.

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