Thursday, January 10, 2013

Food Diary - January 10, 2012

Ok Blogosphere, I'm wanting to have some accountability for my diet. And I don't mean I'm "dieting". I'm not talking about for example ever giving up chocolate as a diet... which would have to be pried out of my cold dead hands before that happens. I'm talking about discussing what I eat each day and breaking bad habits through a daily food diary on my blog.

So here goes...

Breakfast - cantaloupe, giant bowl of frosted flakes with milk

Snack - Bed wetter special sized Dr. Pepper from McD's. Oh, good job MageeMommy, you didn't order the 2 (or even one) apple pie screaming to be released from the misery of living in the kitchen of a fast food resturant with those annoying beepbeepbeeps 24 hours a day or the potential horror of being left in the warmer for past its expiration hour and mindlessly tossed into the trash. [PS When I type in italics, it's me pretending you totally read my mind in the moment and are praising me for a job well done of not consuming an additional unneccessary 1 billion extra calories.]

Lunch - SHOGUNS! Ok, people. How often do I get to go on a lunch date with my husband and adorable little 1 year old?! Plus, it was Mommy's Day Out(aka Preschool day) so I deserve a break and another thing... oh, yea, this is suppose to be a food diary and I'm trying to divert your attention. So at Shogun's I ate a rainbow roll(sushi) which was very yummy and I'm assuming nutritional. la la la... What about dessert?[Again PS that's you talking.] Oh, dessert. Why, that's silly! I mean let's move on shall we? Alright, FINE! I had a giant slice of frozen chocolate coffee ice cream cake. THERE, are you happy?! This food diary idea is stupid. Wait, I can eat my cake if I want to. PLUS, my 1 year old had at least a half a teaspoon of the cake; my date got a dirty look as he picked up "his" spoon from my dessert plate and fed the baby. Who told the waitress that he was suppose to get a spoon?! They should really work on training their waitstaff better at that place.

Ok, moving on...

Snack - cantaloup with the kids after picking them up from MDO

Dinner - Made a TexMex medley with chicken, corn, beans, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, and green peppers. So there. No carbohydrates since I ate the giant cake at lunch(ok I know the corn and beans but I mainly ate the other stuff). I did make noodles for the kids because being perpetual motion machines(yes, they do exist and they are all in toddler form) they need LOTS of carbs!

Snack - peanuts and water... and this is what I'm reduced to... nuts.

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