Friday, January 11, 2013

One more thing...

I've got something else to say before logging off tonight. I broke 4 ribs clean through on Dec 17th. I should still be in pain since it was only 3-1/2 weeks ago. It should still hurt to laugh or lift things. I am a little tiny bit sore sometimes but nothing noticable. I believe that my God is a healer. I believe nothing is impossible with God... especially something as minute as broken ribs in the larger skeem of things. I believe He has healed me quickly. I'm so thankful for the mercies and blessings that Jesus has shown me in life such as physically not being hurt as bad as I could have when the ladder slipped and mentally through help with counseling and spiritually that I can read the Bible any time and anywhere I want in this country. We are a blessed nation and I'm hoping that our hearts will all return to Him but know that the only person I get to decide that for is myself. Still luckily I can pray and pray for our nation. So there's something else I'm thankful for, prayer. Just the priviledge of getting to talk with God. Anyone else amazed by this??? Oh, yea! I knew there'd be some hand raising for that! God is so good. I don't understand everything in this life and am not suppose to, but I do understand to some extent that God's love is never-ending and He will never leave nor forsake us even in the dark hours of life and the bright sunshiney days too. Praise God for His unfailing love toward this failing soul.

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