Thursday, January 31, 2013

Organizing Ain't Cheap!

Ok, so TheSmellyArmpit is suppose to be about making your life easier right? And recently, I was talking to my sister about one of the greatest inventions for a cartrasher like me. Oh, you don't know what a cartrasher is? You can spot one by peering into their vehicle. There could be a number of indicators to give you a heads up that a car belongs to a cartrasher. One is the dashboard seems to be made out of mail piled up as high as the top of the steering wheel. I don't fall into this category of cartrashers. Another cartrasher is someone like me, food on the floor, toys scattered everywhere, sticky candy or half eaten items on different areas of the vehicle, trash littered here and there, shoes and socks and sweatshirts in one corner, drink straws with and without lids stuck under seats, well you get the disgusting picture. That was my SUV until a week or so ago when we got a Mountainsmith "travel" organizer!

Here's what their website says about it... "Organize your car, garage, or basement with our category leading storage organization system with color coded cubes to keep your gear where you need it most and a protective ballistic hauler to carry it all in. Available in three sizes - Modular Hauler 2 / Modular Hauler 3 / Modular Hauler 4."

I got the one that has 3 totes in it - one for toys, one for food, and one for diaper supplies. I also got an additional cooler tote that folds up nicely and fits in the hauler when not in use. This was SO handy this week because I had 30 minutes to spend between dropping off my two older kids to preschool and when I had to have my littlest at his one year checkup. Luckily, Walgreens is right next door and milk there is on sale right now for $3/gallon. So I got two gallons which fit PERFECTLY in this cooler tote!!! Left them in the car during the appointment and they were still plently cold by the time we got home from the appointment.

So what else to I like about this organizational tool? My car looks WONDERFUL. I can easily pickup a stray toy and throw it in the toy tote which I leave the lid unzipped and tucked back. I'm keeping the hauler behind the passenger seat and the toy tote sticks out a little just behind the console which is a perfect location when wrangling stray toys! The middle tote is filled with snacks and different food items for on the go, and the diaper supplies. This is a great location for it since my baby's carseat is here so if we are heading into a resturant, playground, church, etc, I can just grab a diaper and wipes out of this tote and put them in my purse as I'm getting my little baby out of the suburban.

Ok, so for any other cartrashers, I highly recommend this product! I think it's going to make life much simpler for any roadtrips we go on in the future and definitely has already helped me keep my car looking better. I even vacuums it today! Alright, I had to since a whole canister of Pringles got spilled and then stomped all over the carpet. Still, cartrashers take note this Mountainsmith product is great!

Where to buy? You may be asking. Here are some of the places that carry them..., the Container Store (where we foudn it), the Sierra Trading Co,

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