Saturday, June 16, 2012


I just knew that there was a putred milk sippy in the car but haven't been able to find it since last week. It was really getting ripe but I looked under seats, between seats, got an air freshner can, left windows down to air it out. Still I couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from... luckily my husband who is as much a neat freak in contrast to me being a messy(yep, I'm the messy one in this outfit). My husband found the culprit tonight... a disgusting weeks old sippy filled with old curtled milk and reeking. It was stuck behind the last row of seating and tote with emergency gear. I remember looking there but it must have been wedged in pretty good.

Let's just say eew. And I'm so glad my husband found it... not me! haha He cleaned out the suburban completely and sprayed lisol all over the place. whew! It. was. gross!

Have you ever had the problem of not being able to find the cause of smell for days or weeks???? I'll never buy a brand new vehicles while any of my children are in toddler stage!!!!!!!!!

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