Monday, June 25, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

Great mommy tip coming from my very own mommy. Not only does she have a degree in chemistry but a PhD in Motherhood! LOL She's been a mom to me and my 2 sisters for 38+ years.

Today's tip from my very own mommy is to Set Your Alarm for Teenagers Curfews. Yep, little did I know when I first got to stay out late that they were never really up worrying about if I would make curfew. My parents had ingeniously set their alarm clock for my curfew and enjoyed a good nights sleep. So if I missed curfew, the alarm would wake them up and they would be waiting for me. It worked pretty good until I would sneak in just before curfew, turn off the alarm clock and sneak back out! LOL I really don't remember doing this. Ahhh selective memory. I guess these days with passwords on phones you could use your cell phone to set the alarm and not have to worry about a wayward teenagers turning it off. :)

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