Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

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Today's Mommy Tip Monday comes from none other than MOI! The owner of this site. I'm writing today a tip that was given to me by my mom. Each year she keeps a calendar handy. This is used as a simple organizational tool to keep all the year's events together. In this calendar at the beginning of the year she writes in all the birthdays and anniversaries of those she loves. Then to make it even easier to remember the birthdays, she highlights them in one color and uses a different color for the anniversaries.

I can't ever remember not seeing the calendar in the junk drawer next to her phone. So it's also a handy location for the calendar because she can make appointments while on the phone and immediately write them on the calendar. I think Mom might even highlight other categories such as doctors appointments to make them easier to spot when seeing what's ahead in her week and month. Hope this information is helpful in organizing all that you may have happening in your life right now especially if you have kids going to many different activities and events!

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