Friday, June 8, 2012

Mommy Pooted!

I should have known that my day would be a poo filled adventure yesterday morning. Especially when it started with my daughter pee'ing on me first thing. Then when my little 6 month old was drinking his first baba of the day, he pee'd through his diaper, his outfit, and my what was then fresh shirt. Later that morning, my oldest son sat on the potty for a while until he poo'ed.

Then the whole family made an outing to WallyWorld. It was alot of fun. We did lots of shopping and broke the bank buying formula to last us two weeks. In the midst of this big trip, near the prepacked deli meat, my little girl looked up at me with those big round blue eyes and exclaimed loudly, "MOMMY POOTED!" Sigh. I'm not sure if anyone noticed (anyone but a couple people snickering) but luckily that wasn't broadcast on their speaker system so I know part of the store was left out of the fun.

We made it back home and I had two more giant poopy diapers to change and plus a messy britches to change. Then Mr. Messy Britches left the room at one point while I was changing his sister and reappeared quiet stealthly. That made me nervous until he exclaimed, "I poopoo'ed the potty!" He was so proud to have done this himself and I was too!

The day ended with us playing outside and my little girl running around in circles screaming, "Poot poot pooottt! Poooooot!!"

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