Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sit a Spell Saturdays!

Sit a Spell Saturday posts are from my now private family blog MageeBaby. These are a fun read so I'm reposting these tales here on TheSmellyArmpit. :) Do you have a tale to tell or a yarn to spin and would like your site featured here? Email me at mageemommy at gmail dot com!

When I was very very young, I grew up in a small town. People have different ideas about what "small" means; really it's about perspective. Now after living in Louisville and getting to move to West Tennessee, I feel like we are in a small town. But... the small town I grew up in way back when (25+ years) was so small that we could raise 2-3 cows a year in our backyard. Yea. It was so small that people borrowed each others tools and then loaned out each others tools that eventually your tools would get back to you when you would "borrow" them from someone in town.

In this small town, one lazy summer afternoon my dad had been mowing at our house and a friend pulled up along the yard his Pinto station wagon. The man driving was a large tough guy that thought nothing of catching 50 pound catfish in the "ditch"(small river near town). Literally 50 pounds - I saw these with my own eyes! He had his left arm hanging out the window and was leaned out a little talking with dad. So dad and his friend were shooting the bull (as they say) for about an hour when his friend lifted his right hand up inside the station wagon and in his grasp was a snake. "Well, I better get home to my little girl(who was about 8 at the time), she loves to get to play with these." Yep, life in a small country town. You never knew who, or what, was going to show up in your front yard!

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