Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last weekend, our family had a family photo shoot... in the backyard. There's a reason why people are paid good money to do this. I thought we could save time and sanity by setting the timer on the ol' camera and doing this ourselves from our own home. ahahaha! Now looking back it makes sense why people would pile three children (almost)4 yrs old and younger into a vehicle, drive somewhere, change their clothes(because otherwise they would be sure to be stained in route to the studio), pile into the studio, and try to fight away tears or little ones running around in circles long enough to get just one perfect photo. Turns out that is much more sane than setting a timer on a camera and running to the group to get a photo while scooping up a child in route and trying to pose just the right way just as the flash goes off. Also I'm guessing kids are less likely to run up to the camera and fling it around at a photo studio than in your own backyard.

Yep, they were running around, like kids are suppose to do in backyards, acting like they are kids and having fun while I was trying to herd everyone to one spot and my patient husband took in the craziness from his posed position with the little baby and our dog. There really wasn't any pictures that turned out with everyone smiling and looking at the camera. I think I'm going to photoshop my little baby where it appears that he has his head turned to the camera instead of his sister who was screaming and crying at just the instant the camera flashed for almost EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. She would be just fine and then just as the camera would go beep beep beep; she would freak out! SIGHHHH!

So what's the point of this cranky post? If you think you are saving your sanity by taking do-it-yourself group photos of your family, you aren't!!! Go seek professional help; and then find a good photographer. hahaha

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