Friday, August 3, 2012

Things Toddlers Say

This is a series of posts of funny things my kids have said reposted from my other now private blog. I just think they are so cute I couldn't help myself but to post them all over again! Check back every Friday for more Things Toddlers Say!

MageeBoy and I had a conversation one day when he came in my room to show me the big plastic rings he has put on the plastic beads that he plays with so much...

MageeBoy: Mommy, I put rings on the beads so I can fly. (as he started to twirl them around a bit)

Me: Oh, that's neat.

MageeBoy: I can be in sky and see butterflies and put them on trees where they will be happy.

Cute. I'm glad he's wanting to help butterflies be happy. :)

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