Friday, August 24, 2012

Bike Trailer Tales

My two year old has an ever expanding vocabulary. Sometimes it sounds crystal clear the words she's trying to communicate. Sometimes it's not as clear but sooo adorable... Like yesterday and today she's been trying to say flamingo but it comes out as ingo or aaingo. I love listening to her. :) Also today while I took the kids for a bike ride, my two and four year olds got a bit antsy in their trailer toward the midway point... you remember your mom saying for you to stay on your own side and quit picking on each other?

Oh, I was that mommy today! LOL I had stopped to drink some water and give my 8month old his bottle to drink (which I thought was pretty cute with both of us enjoying our refreshments together wearing our helmets). My four year old got fussy with his sister and I relized it was because his sister was just picking and picking on him. He turned his back to her and I told her to stop picking. Then she said, "Pokey, pokey!" with a cheshire grin and giggles bubbling out. Sigh. I had to turn my head to not giggle myself and then got her to stop picking so the return trip to the apartment went smoothly. Oh, that grin!!! LOL

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