Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good News on Weight Loss

Ok, who knew the secret to weight loss could be found in a little known(by me) magazine at the check out in WallyWorld? Oh, yea. According to the article in First for Women, all I need to do to drop 30 pounds by Labor Day is just sleep. Yep, sleep alot and on a schedule.

That's right folks. Want to melt off those pounds? Get out your favorite blankie and snooze away. There might have been some other stuff in the article about carbs and exercise and something about not drinking 100 sodas a day and blah blah blah but really I like to the think the basis of the 3 page article was the one or two paragraphs regarding resting. So don't call me between 8pm and 8am or during my two hour afternoon naps; I'll be working on losing this baby weight.

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