Monday, August 6, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

Thank you so much to TheSmellyArmpit's guest contributor today - the 10+ year veteran flight attendant SkyPixie. Here's more information about SkyPixie: SkyPixie is a retired flight attendant who still loves to travel. She is an avid reader and has traveled all over the world - literally! She lives in a small town in Texas but loves the lure of the big city.

In the Freezer Section

There's hardly anything better than fresh baked cookies. Well maybe except for fresh baked cookies with a chilled glass of milk. YUM! Make cookies and eat them as they come out of the oven I say.... they taste oh so much better when warm and served with a ice cold glass of milk. I keep mugs in the freezer for just this occasion that way the milk doesn't get watered down from the ice cubes. These mugs can also be helpful if someone in the house has a booboo. Just wrap the mugs in a towel and hold them on the booboo. Speaking of taking care of booboo's... try a bag of frozen peas. Just break apart the peas while in the bag and hold it in place. A bag of frozen corn can work well for this too!

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