Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

Thank you so much to TheSmellyArmpit guest contributor today - the 10+ year veteran flight attendant SkyPixie. Here's more information about SkyPixie: SkyPixie is a retired flight attendant who still loves to travel. She is an avid reader and has traveled all over the world - literally! She lives in a small town in Texas but loves the lure of the big city.

Wet Smelly Shoes...

Do you ever have wet shoes when caught out in the rain? Well if you need the shoes to dry but lothe to put them in the dryer there's help. Just place wadded up newspaper in the shoe or boot. Pull it out after about 2 hours and repeat the process. The newspaper wicks the water out of the shoe and voila dry shoes and no dryer going thump thump thump. If traveling and don't have newspaper put the shoes under the aircondition/heater. The heat coming off the unit will help dry them in time for departing the hotel.

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