Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lessons Learned This Weekend...

This weekend was very eventful for my sweet family. My husband and I got to go on a date Friday night(WAHOOOOO!!!) which was mainly getting to go to furniture stores without the kids. We also rented a movie from Redbox and got to cuddle after the kids were put to bed before we got home(thank you sweet babysitter!). The rest of the weekend we spent running errands, visiting a church, and looking at furniture stores... So lesson learned from this? Well, there's two... #1 Furniture shopping with my husband is fun! #2 Furniture shopping with small children - not as much although they were pretty cute between the times of reemphasizing to look with their eyes not with their hands(a mom-ism from my very own mommy).

One of the errands we ran this weekend was to get my oldest child a haircut that he didn't want. But he was beginning to look like a minature version of the minature Justin Beiber(at least JB seems so young to the eyes of this woman getting closer to 40). There were two lessons learned from this event... #1 Just because the place is called Cartoon Cuts and they have everything imaginable caterred to little kids, does not guarantee that a child that doesn't want a haircut will change their minds. #2 Even if you have three kids and you see this as a very narrow window of opportunity to get your own haircut, don't do it. I repeat, DON'T DO IT. You'll leave exhausted from your mad kid's giant tantrum, your husband's emotional exhaustion from taking care of said kid while you were stuck in the chair nearby, and you might not be so excited about the haircut from a woman that is used to making cutesy kiddie cutes all day long. She might have been tempted to give me a lollypop for being so good though. LOL

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