Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy Tips Monday

Thank you so much to TheSmellyArmpit guest contributor today - the 10+ year veteran flight attendant SkyPixie. Here's more information about SkyPixie: SkyPixie is a retired flight attendant who still loves to travel. She is an avid reader and has traveled all over the world - literally! She lives in a small town in Texas but loves the lure of the big city.


Have you ever thought I wish I could get rid of these leftovers without having to eat them yourself. I have a great network of neighbors... We get together and exchange our left overs... that way it is new to our families. So it takes care of the how do I hide the leftovers from our husbands and children. We let each other know what we have and see if the exchange would work for our families. When that doesn't work I get creative to find ways to disguise what's for dinner. Keep it simple for the first meal and that way it makes it easier to recreate the next day for lunch or dinner.

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