Friday, July 26, 2013

Things Toddlers Say

The  other day we were all playing in the driveway after dinner.  One of our neighbors was out and my 1.5 year old ran up to him.  Oh, I forgot to mention our littlest was only in his diapers.  Living in 100+ heat I just don't see a point in putting him in clothes all the time.  I'll probably look back on this in 30 years and not be surprised if he is living in a nudest community.  Haha(oh, I hope HaHa!). 

Anyway, my neighbor laughed and said, "How did your belly get so big!  Did you have a good dinner?"  And my 1.5 year old just giggled along with him and had a good time soaking up the attention.  Then my 5 year old rode his bike up to us and came to my defense because he thought our neighbor was telling me that my belly was big and he exclaimed, "Mommy has a big belly because we used to live there!  That's why her belly is so big."  haha

Hmmm.  Awkward!  I just laughed so our neighbor laughed and we said see you later.  Um, bye bye!

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