Monday, July 22, 2013

Picture Project!

Ok, I really enjoy getting good deals especially FREE.  That’s right folks!  A couple weeks back, I was cruising Craigslist and found a metal cabinet that was being given away.  So when I went to pick it up, I decided it wasn’t the right size for what the area that it would have been placed, but the lady had a computer printer cabinet she was wanting to get rid of.  I took it off her hands not knowing for sure what to do with it.  Then after busting it into parts thinking that I would just have to put it in the trash, I realized the boards were big enough to use for my picture frame project I had wanted to try.

What’s the picture frame project?  Well, after being married over 15 years, lots and lots of different photos have been accumulated.  I want to display all these different family photos from multiple generations where my kids can see them and be able to recognize family that we don’t see often.  The problem?  I don’t want a million holes in my walls for when I change out photos or rearrange.
That’s where the idea of having a painted board to mount the photos on came from.  I’ve see it done before and wanted to try my hand at this decorating plan.  After pulling out any nails or other stuff, I painted each of the boards with paint I already had from painting accent pieces in the kids playroom – score!  Now I wanted to photo frames to be at least somewhat uniform and changed out about 10 different frames with some inexpensive black ones from a dollar store.  I'm still working on this so I don't have pictures of the completed project but check back soon!

Here’s some before and after photos…
(I had a helper when I took the cabinet apart.)
(Hmmm what is in there?)

One board off and a couple more to go!

Here's paint that I used for accent pieces in the playroom where the photo boards will be near.  Score - free paint!
After taking the cabinet apart and my husband cutting off the edges of one or two and then using wood filler to fill in screw holes, here's the painted boards!


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