Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photo Board Project... Complete!

Well, after a couple months, I am finished (ok, well, except for touch up paint) with the photo board project.  Remember the Picture Project post a couple days ago about the FREE banged up cabinet I got and had an idea for?  Well, here's the inspiration for the paint used...  This is a picture of some cool mirrors that used to be in a Disney resort.  I got these from a hotel décor salvage warehouse (http://swsurplus.com/) here in Houston.  I painted the mirrors and then had the extra paint leftover and 6 months later used that paint on the photo boards.  (free!  Plus continues my color scheme.)

Since the photo boards are at the top of the stairs and a wall of the balcony on the way to the playroom, I wanted the color to flow and connect the spaces...  And...  Here's how the project turned out!

Tah dah!  Now my kids will be passing by photos of relatives that we don't get to see often and I'll have photos of their baby pictures up all the time.  But if in a couple years I want to rearrange and change some things then no big deal on nail holes being in the wall.  I'll just touch up paint my boards and keep on decorating!  FUN!!!
What's some of your favorite ways to display pictures?

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