Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Satellite Dad

That's right, I'm going all Shakespere and coining my own phrase/word.  You've hear of the term helicopter mom right?  You know the mom like me that hovers over her child(ren) at the playground making sure they don't chip a nail or nothing in the world "wrong" happens to them.  Well, I think sometimes we could call dad's (and mom's) Satellite Dads.

Yep.  Just came up with the idea today.  Forgive me if you or someone you know has already made up this word grouping - Satellite Dad, but today after getting back from having a girls' day with my daughter it came to mind.  Why?  Well, the boys were left at the house with Daddy.  He's a great daddy.  I couldn't ask for a better man to be the Daddy of our babies.  Let's face it, he's amazing!  But I have to say his parenting style is different than mine in some ways.

For example, we came back to a home with everyone being quiet.  Daddy was outside working on the aquarium.  Wyatt was up in his room playing.  And Waylon was napping.  Then I saw it.  The toilet scrubber on my way to my room.  Then in the back hall almost to my bedroom, I nearly tripped over the plunger.  And finally in the bathroom, the new flooring was laid - toilet paper.

Was anyone hurt?  No.  Was the house peaceful when we walked in?  Yes.  So no complaining here.  But leaning more towards being a helicopter mom, I thought well, Dad's are generally more like a satellite versus a hovering helicopter.  Satellites can see everything going on below; nothing to worry about unless an explosion happens!  Yep, my sweet Satellite Dad!

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Julie Maloney said...

That's cute, I've never heard of either term so I'll credit you for coining it.