Friday, July 19, 2013

Study work in Progress

Lately, I’ve been having fun working on furniture and arrangements of our study/hobby room/guest room/art studio/you get the picture.  First, I sold two short glass front bookcases for $100 on  Oh, how I heart that website. 

Then I found two ridiculously tall bookcases (7 foot) for $40 for the pair – again on craigslist.  SCORE!  And luckily these matched the dresser that was in my oldest’s room that I switched out for an antique that had been his great-great-grandma’s.  So I put my son's dresser between the bookcases along the longest wall and it fit just right with about an extra 3 inches or so.  Woot woot!  Next I took the oak veneer type cheapo bookcase I got on craigslist for about $20 or less and the outside of it and the fronts of the shelves got a quick spray paint of bright red.  I put that in the corner where the dress had been and it is a nice pop of color there.  I also spray painted the wicker bookcase the same way but it’s rounded shape and only available location for it didn’t would out so good.  So I sold this on craigslist too (+$10).
It is so much fun working on this room and coming out ahead about $70 minus the two cans of spray paint.  So I’m thinking of selling the red painted bookcases and getting two matching ones I like that I found on Wally World’s website(you know, the giant retailer’s site).  I like things to balance in rooms like this since this is such a multipurpose room.  Actually, I like things to balance in general.  It may be from all the years of loving to watch Monk. LOL

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