Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Yearly

Ok, ladies.  You probably know what I'm talking about...  the yearly... where you feel like shopping or eating chocolate or drinking afterwards.  But it is for our health and in my case to also get my prescription refilled for my happy pills.  So definitely worth it. 

Something else about having to go to the doctor, that I find handy, is that when I go to these appointments alone, I get a good nap.  With 3 kids that are almost 5, 3, and 1.5 years old, I'll take a nap anyway I can get one.  I have no shame.  Today, the doctor was running a bit late.  Only by about 30 minutes which actually didn't bother me at all.  Why? 

Well, after getting on the robe and throwing the blankie/sheet over my lap, I laid down on the exam bed thing and promptly fell asleep.  Surely, they have to know this can happen.  The room was quiet.  There weren't any tiny people asking for sippies or crying over stolen toys or whatnot.  The temperature was not too hot and not too cold.  Did I mention how quiet the place was?  I was given a robe to put on and a sheet to cover up with while sitting on the bed thing.  What else was I suppose to do?

Next thing I know, in walks the doctor and I'm wiping drool off my face.  The doctor apologized for taking so long and I said something like Are you kidding?  That was the best sleep I've had in weeks!  I think that made her feel better since it was a very sincere statement. LOL

All in all I can't complain about my yearly.  I'm thankful for a country that we live in where exams are available and am so glad it's not a shameful thing to be screened for cancer.  I'm also thankful for that nap.

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Bree said...

oh my word. I laughed at this. I have dozed off too!