Saturday, June 1, 2013

People of Walmart

Oh, don't pretend like you don't know the site

Hey!  You might have even been a star on it and don't even know it.  Ok, that actually might be one of my fears...  if I had any. LOL 

Seriously, I sometimes go to Walmart knowing I could almost be a candidate for the People of Walmart website.  So the other night, I decided to cruise through their latest posts and make sure my image hadn't graced their pages.  Whew!  Thankfully, nope!  Still, I must remember to shower and brush my hair before I go out in public and let's face it the People of Walmart website is a good motivator for me to make sure I don't look like a slob, am not showing my muffin top with a tube top or my plumber's crack with ultra lowrise pants and an indecent thong, and also to make sure I just look decent and/or I am not dressed in a weird (or nonweird) costume.

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