Tuesday, June 4, 2013

$10 Gift Card!

I eat at McDonald's ALL the time.  Whether going through the drive thru for one of the cheap $1 drinks or to get some fries and apples as snacks for the kids when people are sick of running errands and I have forgot to put food in the car to minimize the whining. LOL  So how about this... 

Woot woot!  Haven't heard of Plink?  Well, you basically link your credit or debit card with them and then dine and shop offline to get points.  Viola!  That easy!!!

Here's the fine print:  New Plink members only, one sign-up bonus per person Plink Member must link a credit or debit card and make a purchase at McDonald's by +Sunday, 6/9 11:59 EST Purchase is necessary (after the member links a credit/debit card to their Plink account) to qualify for the bonus 1,000 Plink Points by +Sunday, 6/9 11:59 EST

Bonus 1,000 Plink Points will be awarded within 7 business days of the transaction posting date.

McDonald's purchases that occur on +6/10 or later will not qualify for the bonus.

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