Monday, June 3, 2013

Mommy Tips Monday

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The dreaded car ride.  You know what I mean - the one with toddlers(enter horror movie music here)!   We still have yet to invest in a DVD player for the car so we get a bit creative in keeping the <s>whining</s> boredom to a minimum.  
Here’s a couple things I like to keep in the car for long or short rides:

1.        SNACKS.  Ohhh, people don’t leave home without them.  I have pretzels or Goldfish crackers in the car at all times.  Whatever works for your kids, remember to keep them in the car!  But word of advice from learning from one of my mistakes is do not,  I mean DON’T under any circumstance, give your kids marshmellows in the car for a snack.  It’s a bad idea on so many levels.

2.       TOYS & BOOKS.   I let my kids pick out toys to bring but also always have books in the car.  None of them can read yet, but they love looking through the pictures and making up their own stories.

3.       EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES.  I never know when someone is going to have an accident or slide down a slide into a puddle of water or, heaven forbid, power puke.  It’s like preventing Murphy’s law by having this extra set of clothes with us, but as soon as I take them out when organizing, someone is going to need them.  Also, go ahead and bring swim diapers with you at all times.  It’s getting to be hot hot hot where we live and I figure if the opportunity arises for the kids to have a chance to cool off in some splash park, I’ll be ready!

What are some of your must have for long or short car rides?

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Jennifer V said...

We absolutely have to have his blanket. You know, the pre-fold diapers that we embroidered and used as burp cloths when he was a baby? He has to have one to sleep with. It's his security blanket!