Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Bedtime!

In our home, our littlest baby has been moving from a crib to a big boy bed these past few weeks.  First, the crib was disassembled and his tiny mattress was put on the floor.  The initiation week we didn't force the issue of staying in his bed and not getting up to wander around. 

Then this past week, I started being the strong arm of our outfit.  The first night, I put him back in his 'bed' 28 times.  Yes, people, TWENTY EIGHT TIMES.  Most of that was him giggling and his sister and brother laughing hysterically as he escaped his room.  This made the whole training experience a little tougher especially because he could tell that I wanted to giggle too.  The second night, it took 14 24 times.  I thought at number 14, we were through for the night and mistakenly went to our room to sleep.  NOPE.  Another 10 more times of putting him back in bed and viola!  Sleeping baby.  Last night...  only SIX times!  wahoo!  And even better, tonight, he was worn out enough that Daddy put him in bed and he didn't try to get up at all. :) 

After a couple weeks we will be getting him an official big boy mattress set and put together his twin bed.  I just like waiting until he's used to not rolling off the mattress on the floor.  Then I put pillows on the outside edge of the bed which is what we are still doing for our almost 3 year old.  She is definitely a rollypoley!  My almost 5 year old every once in a while will have legs precariously dangling off his bed but for the most part stays on his mattress.

So what are your methods for moving your kiddo out of the crib and into the big kid bed?


Jennifer V said...

We just changed C's crib to a toddler bed and used a rail. The first night he did really well, but ended up sleeping on the floor part of the night! One of us woke up, looked at the monitor, didn't see him in bed, and panned the room only to find him curled up on the floor! He did end up eliminating his morning nap when we put him in the toddler bed, though. I hope your LO gets better at staying in bed!

Bree said...

I kept them in a toddler bed for as long as I could. LOL I was so overly cautious. I hope that he is in the bed to stay now!!