Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things Toddlers Say

Right now, we are in lovebug season in these here parts.  They are unabashed little bugs that perform their "courtship" out and about for all the world to see.  The other day I looked up and there were about a million(ok maybe not a million but it was a lot) of these critters flying around doing their dance and landing on my husband's new(to us) fancy ride. 

My little boy started smashing the bugs because he didn't want them on his daddy's car.  I wouldn't have worried about it too much except that my sister had some squashed on her car and the paint chipped off.  NNOOOOOO!  I quickly got an automotive papertowel and cleaned the remains all off the vehicle.  WHEW!  Crisis averted!  That's when my little boy said, "Oh, do we have to get Daddy a new car now?"

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