Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tackle It Tuesday

Oh yea baby! I'm preposting this because I'm so excited! Do you know how hard it is to clean with having two toddlers and an almost 5 year old? Yes, yes, you do don't ya! Well, on Sunday, Mother's Day no less, the single best thing that happened all day(besides getting to taste the brisket hot off the day long cooking on the grill - so love my husband)? It was being able to pickup and clean up the kids rooms AND vacuum each room including the playroom. Plus, the bonus of getting to vacuum the comforter and floors in my room - there was a shortcake mishap by my one year old. Somehow, he must have pulled some sort of pin and threw it in the air where it exploded into a bazillion crumbs. Ok, I digress. The point is, almost all the floors in my house are clean at one time. Yes folks, prayers are answers(I'm kind of kidding but literally have been praying about keeping up the house this week - God listens even to silly things like this!). Hallelujiah! I'm soooo happy! Happy Tackle It Tuesday! Any housework miracles happen for ya lately? Let me know in the comments below. :)

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